Tuesday, November 09, 2010

what I hate about fashion part 1

This is part 1 of a many part series that I will be presenting on my blog. There are many many things that aggravate and annoy me about the fashion business. This is the main reason I do not watch project runway even thought everyone thinks I should. I like clothes. I really love denim. I am very appreciative for the opportunities given to me by this business. I am fortunate to have a successful clothing store with amazing customers. All of that being said, I sometimes really hate this business. There is so much crap that goes on that makes no sense to me.

I think people are so hell bent on making an impression that they will often wear completely ridiculous things just to get people to look at them. They would probably be best served to wear absolutely nothing if they wanted the most people to look their direction. Of course, encouraging people to NOT wear clothes in probably not a good idea for someone in my position. It might put me out of a job. Oh well, I do not always do what is in my best interest…….

So this was in NYC during women’s market. This girl (ninja?) was walking around the trade show. No one could quite figure out why she was wearing this blindfold. As is expected, she was having a very difficult time walking around without bumping in to things. There was a group of buyers from a store in Japan who were fascinated with her and begged her to let them take some pictures. I used this same opportunity to ask her if I could snap some photos as well. She obliged (although I do not know how she would have known either way since she could not see me). She was thrilled with all the attention that we were lavishing on her. I was very excited because at the same time I was snapping the photos, I was coming up with the title of my post. She assumed I was taken with her avant-garde look. She obviously does not know me very well……..

The unfortunate thing is that she seemed like a very attractive young woman. alas, I am an eye man.

Stay tuned for much more. Trust me, there is plenty for me to write about.

love, blake


Pyramid said...

I saw her too. so effing dumb.

Alley Collection said...

Well said B. I'm excited to read part 2.
Alley collection

e777 said...

I like the concept and look. I think the proportions and cut of the see through eye/vision part could use some alteration though.