Saturday, September 11, 2010

why I am really aggravated with the terrorists

This is not a political blog. This is a place where you are supposed to read about all the cool new brands that we have in the store. It is a place where I am supposed to post pictures of clothes in a way that get you so excited that you run into the store and buy them immediately.

Or it is a place that I am using as my own personal outlet to rant and rave about whatever I feel like. I may complain how no one can parallel park in Portland, or how there are never enough Barry Manilow songs when I feel like singing karaoke.

Today I am using it as a tribute page. Just not for the reason you think.

Is there another date in history that is so engrained in out brains? I do not know about the rest of you, but it seems like I just happen to look at my watch every day at exactly 9:11 both in the am and pm. Most important dates in history talk about the year. This day is the month and date only. I would be willing to bet you might have to think for a second about what year this happened in, but know the date and what it signifies immediately. I would also be willing to bet that no other date of the year is as well know as this one.

I am a huge Portland trailblazer fan, yet cannot remember what the day was when they won their one and only championship. I cannot remember the day pearl harbor was attacked or the day that we dropped the bomb on hiroshima, both of which were extremely significant dates in history. I do remember everything about 9/11 and what happened and where I was. All the details are clear as a bell.

Here we are on this day arguing about whether or not a mosque should be built near the site of this terrible tragedy and yet we still have not built anything of significance on that very important site. That is what people should be upset about. If it was up to me, i would have built a even bigger building there just to show that we are not afraid, but that is just me.....

The real point of this post and the real source of my aggravation today is that this day has another major significance for me. It is my sister Maril's birthday. She now has to forever share this day with the memory of americas biggest tragedy which for lack of a better word, sucks. Every time someone wishes her a happy birthday, they say it with a strange tone. it is almost as though they apologize as they say it.

Today 9/11/10 I am taking the day back in honor of my sister Maril.

I am not going to let them win by ruining her birthday.