Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dying doing what you love?

About a month ago I read a really touching story about a young man in Vancouver, Wa. He was young and raced dirt bikes competitively. He died in an unfortunate accident. As I was reading the article I was struck by something. I noticed that when his parents discussed the accident they had an almost positive tone. I do not mean to imply that they were happy about their son passing away, but they definitely had an upbeat tone to their words.

The main reason for the positive tone was because their son had died doing what he loved. They were somehow comforted by the fact that even though his life was prematurely cut short, they were happy that if this had to happen, at least he was happy at the time.

I have heard this same sentiment used in a number of different occasions. Normally it is said when someone dies at a younger age. It will often be used when someone dies playing a sport. This gets a little confusing because in some cases (when the people are professional athletes) they are still doing their job. It is a job that many of us envy because it seems like they are playing for a living and often making outrageous amounts of monty, but it is still a job.

You do not hear this ever said when someone is old. If I was 98 years old and I died while sitting on the couch and watching Madmen you could say that about me. I love watching t.v. . I love Madmen. I suppose it would be appropriate in this case. Still you never hear that.

The real reason for this post is this. I love my job. I love fitting people in jeans. I love making a difference in how people feel about themselves, I love that people might walk out of my store with a new confidence that they did not have before they came to see me. Who knows what the result will be from this new positive feeling? Will they feel good enough to get that new job? Maybe go on a date and meet the person that they are going to marry? I am not insinuating that what I do makes that big a difference in people lives all the time, but sometimes it does. Maybe I am trying to justify my career choice (passing up a medical career). Whatever, you get my point.

Back to the original point. I AM NEVER GOING TO DIE DOING WHAT I LOVE. This is a little depressing. I want to be in that elite group. I want to feel that when I have to go, that I am going to be doing something that gives me great pleasure. The chances of that are remote. I suppose that I could be involved in a situation where I am folding someones jeans under and they tumble over, fall on my head and accidentally snap my neck. Wow, what a morbid thought. You get my point. The truth is that I just hope I will be really old.

Maybe I will just go sitting on the couch watching t.v. That would be just fine with me. I love t.v..

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Great thought.